Notice of Series

Notice of Series

Event: Optimist Southern Traveller Series

Date: January 2022 to October 2022

Organising authority: STS Organising Committee

1.1. Each event included in the series will be run independently by the host club and will be governed by their own Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

2.1. Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organising authority.

3.1. The series is open to all Optimist Sailors.
3.2. All sailors who enter the participating events will be automatically entered in to the series, no additional entry is required.


5.1. Entry in to the series is FREE.
5.2. Fees will be payable for each individual event, see the appropriate NoRs

6.1. There will be two fleets, Regatta Fleet and Main Fleet.
6.2. These fleets will be scored separately. If a sailor competes in the Main fleet at some events and the Regatta fleet at others, they will be given two separate entries in the series and the scores will not be transferrable.

7.1. The times below in bold are fixed (subject to RRS procedures), the remaining times are for guidance only and may vary considerably, deviation will not be grounds for redress. This changes rule 62.1(a).

2020 Venue Notes
Burghfield Open         29th January 2022

HISC Open                 14th & 15th of May

RLYC Open               28 & 29th May 2022

Parkstone Open           4th & 5th June 2022

Spinnaker Open          3rd September 2022

Bosham Open             17th September 2022.

Chichester Open         8th October 2022
Mudeford SC Regatta Fleet Only TBC

7.2. Dates may be changed and additional events may be added to the series at the organisers’ discretion.

8. – 12. NOT USED
(See individual event NORs for additional information).

13.1. The series will use a high points system. Individual events may use whatever scoring system they choose, usually this will be a low points system.
13.2. Regardless of the number of races or duration of an event, the winner of each event will receive series points as follows:

Position Main Fleet Regatta Fleet
1st Greater of entries for event or 35 Greater of entries for event or 25
2nd 1st place score minus 1 1st place score minus 1
3rd 2nd place score minus 1 2nd place score minus 1
… …
DNC 0 0

13.3. For the purposes of series scoring, an entry for an event is anyone who receives at least one score which is not DNC, DNF or DNS at the event.

13.4. If an event splits a fleet based on ability (e.g. Regatta Racing and Regatta Coached) the series score will combine those fleets and place the sailors from the higher ranked fleet above those from the lower ranked fleet. The event must publish combined results.
13.5. Sailors not attending an event will score zero for that event.
13.6. A sailor’s total series score will be the sum of all of their event scores as described above excluding their worst (lowest) using the following table:

No of counting events Excluded scores
1 – 2 0
3 – 5 1
6 – 8 2
9 – 11 3

13.7. An event will count towards the traveller series (and be included in the count in the above table) if at least 2 races are completed, regardless of the event NoR’s definition of a series.
13.8. The two fleets (Main and Regatta) will be considered completely separately for all scoring matters (e.g. events to count, number of entries).
13.9. In the event of a tie in series scores, RRS A8 will apply with the word race replaced by event throughout. This changes RRS A8.

14-18 NOT USED

19.1. A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the winner of each fleet.
19.2. Prizes will be awarded for a minimum of the first three places in each fleet.
19.3. Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the organising authority.

All events participating in this series are organised independently by their own organising authorities. Competitors participate in each regatta entirely at their own risk. The STS Organising committee will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury sustained in relation to any regatta in the Series.

Please see each event’s NoR for insurance requirements

For further information please see contact details on the event website.